Stafford Township School District

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Stafford Township School District
Energy Savings Plan

Client: Stafford Township School District, NJ

Project: Energy Savings Project (ESP)

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Scope of Work:

  • ESP developed for a planned Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP) project based on the State of New Jersey ESIP do-it-yourself program.
  • ESP report develops various Energy Savings Measures (ECM) across all the District buildings to end up with a final plan with a 15 year payback and a small capital outlay compared to the projected construction budget. A majority of the payments on the proposed bond issue will be paid via energy savings.
  • Data loggers are placed in buildings to monitor the lighting on/off vs. occupancy status in order to develop accurate models of lighting retrofit and replacement recommendations.
  • Energy modeling was performed on certain buildings in order to capture energy savings for HVAC DDC control system upgrades along with RTU and boiler upgrades. Energy modeling takes into consideration that reductions in lighting loads saves electrical energy and cooling energy in the summer, but adds to the heating energy load in the winter time.
  • HVAC computerized load calculations are used for isolated ECM’s such as single RTU replacements and window system replacements.
  • Dry-type transformers are analyzed for efficiency and replacement is recommended based on an 8 year payback.
  • The ESP consists of a total of 328 pages, including appendices.
  • Project budget: $3,300,000.

Date of Service: 2013