PHL S-Substations

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The project included (6) new 4,000A, 208V double ended switchgear lineups in B, C and D Terminals including integration with the airport-wide SCADA system.

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City of Philadelphia, Division of Aviation
Replacement of S-Substations
Philadelphia International Airport, Philadelphia, PA

Date Started / Completed
2007 – 2011

Construction Cost:

S&H was the engineer of record from planning through project closeout, including all design, bid and construction support engineering services.

Electrical Design Included:

  • (6) 4000A, 208V switchgear lineups each with (2) 15kV 600A fused load interrupter switches, (2) 1000kVA vacuum impregnated epoxy transformers and 208V low-voltage draw-out breakers ranging from 4000A to 800A with main-tie-main setup.
  • Construction phasing and sequencing design to allow for power outages to individual feeders only from 2 AM to 4 AM. Phasing design included temporary 15kV switches, temporary transformer, temporary 3000A switchboard and temporary generator, including all cabling.
  • Redundant PLC switchgear controls with dual UPS backup with 8 hour ride-through capability for annual maintenance. PLC controlled the automatic transfer scheme of the switchgear.
  • Remote touch screen with arc flash maintenance reduction switches to remove the operational personnel from the arc flash zone.
  • Relaying including ANSI 27, 47 and 59 relays.
  • ANSI 83 CPT auto-transfer scheme.
  • Airport-wide SCADA integration, including new Ethernet switches with fiber backbone.
  • New fire alarm systems, including integration with pre-action systems for sprinkler.
  • New emergency lighting systems, including new high-efficiency lighting in each substation room.
  • Security card access and door contacts for exterior doors with integration into the airport-wide system.
  • New structured cabling systems for data network integration.
  • Full short circuit, coordination and arc flash study from the MTS 15kV substation down to the S-Substations.
  • Arc flash labeling for all panels in Terminals B, C and D.

Mechanical Design Included:

  • Redundant HVAC split AC systems with minimal outside air.
  • Exhaust systems.
  • HVAC DDC integration with the airport-wide CM3 and Siemens systems.
  • Existing relief air system integration, including motorized dampers and actuation.

Plumbing Design Included:

  • Condensate removal systems for HVAC.

Architectural Design Included (via a subconsultant):

  • Demolition and new walls for the substations.
  • New exterior doors, including card access and security hardware.
  • Patching of existing walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Fire stopping and fire rated construction.