New Jersey State Police Headquarters

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State of New Jersey

New Jersey Division of Property Management and Construction

New Jersey State Police Headquarters

Building 15 Risk Mitigation

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Trenton, NJ

Date Started / Completed
2010 – 2012

Construction Cost:
Awarded: $449,500
Approximately: $570,600 (with Owner requested additional drycoolers)

This project consisted of designing electrical and mechanical modifications for a highly critical State data center that serves about 90% of the 911 calls in NJ and about 45% of State agency computing requirements.

Project scope:

  • Design of (8) eight new outdoor drycoolers serving the indoor CRAC units in the data centers.
  • Design of new PLC-based generator switchgear paralleling controls for the existing (2) 550kW diesel generators that serve the critical bus to the existing data centers. Project included construction phasing and sequencing with a temporary 1000kW generator in order to allow for 100% uptime of the data center during the upgrade.
  • Supervision and management of live testing on Sunday’s with 100% uptime of the data center for the temporary and permanent generator systems to verify proper operation during various system failure scenarios.
  • Move critical electrical circuits from panel DB (off of the second main circuit) to panel DC (off of the third main circuit) as panel DC is backed up by emergency power.
  • Fix the following single points of failure (SPOF):
    • SPOF#2: The 800 amp circuit breaker coming off of switchboard DAA located in the mechanical room #21 in the basement. The failure of this breaker would result in the loss of, among other equipment, the chiller used to cool the data center server room. This could cut off data center communication with the outside world.
    • SPOF#3: The 1600 amp circuit breaker located in the UPS room. Failure of this breaker would include loss of equipment from SPOF 2 with the additional loss of two CRAC units in the computer room and backup cooling to the UPS and Battery Rooms in the basement.
    • SPOF#4: The 400 amp fused disconnect located behind the main switchgear in the mechanical room #21 in the basement. Failure of one of the fuses would result in single phasing and ultimate failure in four CRAC units and condensing units serving the data center.
  • Swap CRAC unit 5 in the computer room with CRAC unit 8 in the server room. This involves swapping the associated utilities supporting each unit. The main purpose of this objective is to provide redundant cooling to the server room.