Middletown Township Board of Education Geothermal

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Middletown Township Board of Education, Middletown, NJ

Geothermal Consultation and Analysis

School District: Middletown Public School District


Project Name: Middletown Geothermal System Analysis

Services Provided:

This District had geothermal systems installed within the last 15 years, but have experienced many issues with maintaining the heating and cooling set-points within the building. S&H was hired as the geothermal consultant to start a process to identify and fix all the issues at various schools. A stepped process is being taken, which will aid in identifying the sources of the issues and the most economical solutions.

Bayshore ES: The existing ethanol in the well field system was leaking as identified by the amount of make-up water required for the system. S&H designed a public bid to identify the leak location in the field, isolate the system and re-fill the system with an ethanol mix. Coordination with the NJDEP was required as ethanol is considered a hazardous substance and can contaminate the ground. Various options were explored for a future conversion to a different medium such as propylene glycol or water for the system.

HS: A partial control system was installed to monitor and log the loop temperatures and RTU operations in order to identify the source of the heating and cooling problems in the building. Also side-stream filters were installed to minimize the amount of sediment in the closed-loop systems in order to minimize strainer clogging in the system.

Future projects are planned at the above schools and other District buildings in order to correct the HVAC operations.

Services Began: 2012