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The project included the installation of a new 2000kW (2MW) diesel generator, fully integrated into the existing 3.2MW paralleling generation system at the main terminal substation. Also included, was the generator PLC control system upgrade and compressed air starting systems for the existing two 1.6MW generators.

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City of Philadelphia, Division of Aviation
Emergency Generator Upgrade
Philadelphia International Airport, Philadelphia, PA

Date Started / Completed
2007 – 2012

Construction Cost:
$2,939,158 (original)
$3,350,000 (with DOA added SCR system)

S&H was the engineer of record from planning through project closeout, including all design, bid and construction support engineering services. We also managed the 5 night shifts of testing of the new generation system and MTS switchgear upgrades.

Electrical Design Included:

  • (1) 2MW diesel fired generator with remote radiator and compressed air starting system.
  • New selective catalyst reduction (SCR) system for the 2MW generator to reduce emissions in order to comply with the Philadelphia Air Board’s requirements to participate in the PJM demand response program.
  • Urea tank, air compressor and pumping system to feed the SCR on the roof.
  • Day tank for 2MW generator, fed off the existing 20,000 gallon underground ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel tank.
  • Power for ventilation fans with VFDs.
  • Expansion of the existing 125VDC system for switchgear controls.
  • Exterior remote radiator mounted on steel on top of four concrete caissons in order to coordinate with existing underground gas main and electrical ductbanks.
  • New 5kV switchgear with 5kV cabling tied into the existing generator 5kV swing bus.
  • New 5kV relaying including SEL 300G relays, digital metering, SEL 2030 communications aggregation unit and touch screen master control.
  • New redundant PLC’s controlling the MTS 15kV and 5kV switchgear as well as the three 5kV generators.
  • Closed transition sequence of operations with PECO paralleling and closed transition re-transfer to the normal 15kV and 5kV power system after emergency operations.
  • Construction phasing and sequencing design to allow for continued N+1 operation of the airport’s emergency generator system.
  • Integration of the generation system with the airport-wide SCADA system.
  • Programming for the 300G relays – neither the contractor nor their generator subcontractor had the capability of programming the relays, so S&H performed the highly complex protective relay programming.
  • New Ethernet switches with fiber backbone.
  • New emergency lighting systems, including new high-efficiency lighting.
  • New structured cabling systems for data network integration.
  • Full short circuit, coordination and arc flash study from the MTS 15kV substation to the 5kV emergency generator bus.
  • Arc flash labeling.
  • Upgraded compressed air starting systems for the existing two 1.6MW generators, including an air compressor and redundant air tanks on the mezzanine of the generator building.

Mechanical Design Included:

  • New primary – secondary fuel oil pumping system for the CUB to feed the boilers and generators.
  • Selective fuel oil pumping from the three existing diesel storage tanks with an aggregate capacity of 100,000 gallons. Allows for emergency operation to use all three tanks to serve the boilers and generators in regional power outage.
  • Piping design from the generator to the remote radiator.
  • Ventilation design for the new 2MW generator including motorized dampers and ventilation fans on VFDs.
  • New compressed air starting systems and compressors with piping.
  • Integration of the mechanical systems into the airport-wide HVAC DDC system for monitoring and control.