Germantown Historic Meetinghouse

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Germantown Historic Meetinghouse and Apts

Johnson House

Client / Owner: Germantown Historic Trust, Philadelphia, PA


Prime Consultant: Schiller and Hersh Associates, Inc.


6117, 6133 and 6135 Germantown Ave:

  • New fire alarm systems.

6117 Germantown Ave:

  • Upgrading of the HVAC systems.
  • New electrical service.
  • Installation of a complete fire protection system.
  • Installation of replacement windows.

6133 and 6135 Germantown Ave:

  • Installation of new gas service.
  • Replacement of the dual building heating system single oil-fired boiler with (6) gas-fired condensing boilers. The installation of the boiler air exhaust and intake was reviewed and approved by the Philadelphia Historical Commission.

Date of Services: 2006 to present