Fort Dix Elementary School

Written by Dale Kemmerer on . Posted in K - 12


Schiller and Hersh has been performing engineering work at Fort Dix Elementary School for over 15 years. Throughout this time period, various phases of renovations and additions have occurred through the Pemberton Township School District, which operates the Fort Dix Elementary School.

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The School is located on the Fort Dix Military Base, therefore we are familiar with the various utilities and fire department requirements relative to the Base. Since the project is located on Federal Property, S&H also served as the inspectors for the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire alarm systems on the projects.

Projects have included:

  • 2000 boiler replacement project.
  • 2001 interior renovation project.
  • 2002 HVAC renovation project, including new outdoor packaged chiller and all new HVAC, plumbing, electrical systems and new electrical service.
  • 2002 water filtration project.
  • 2004 new sloped metal roof project to replace the existing flat rubber roof. Project included raising vents, exhaust fans, outside air intakes and the design of an all new addressable Fire Alarm System, which included a King Fisher wireless dialer to the Fort Dix fire department.
  • Library addition project, which included dimmable fluorescent systems and a computer lab. Library construction progress is show in the top picture.
  • Gym addition project completed in 2010, which included two new classrooms and gang toilet rooms as well as a new emergency generator to serve the entire building.
  • Six classroom addition project: Completed in 2013.