Avenue of the Arts

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Building on North Broad Street Phase III:

Design, Outreach and Implementation


Client / Owner: Avenue of the Arts, Inc, Philadelphia, PA

Prime Consultant for S&H: Hunt Engineering

Scope: (45) 50′ light masts and medians installed between Wood Street and Glenwood Street in the center of Broad Street in the City of Philadelphia.

Schiller and Hersh provided the design, calculations and support for the power wiring, conduits and junction boxes; complying with the city of Philadelphia’s street department, PENNDOT and the National Electrical Code.

S&H also provided coordination with PECO for connections into the various manholes along Broad Street.

S&H worked with the lighting designer on the project on the internal wiring of the tower. The goal was to provide a modular, touch-safe wiring harness design to allow for easy maintenance and overcurrent protection and a disconnecting means.

Project construction started in 2013.

Date of Services: 2009 – 2015