Montgomery County Courthouse

Written by Dale Kemmerer on . Posted in Governmental


Owner: Montgomery County, PA

Construction Value: ~$1,000,000


Scope of Work:

The existing chiller system failed during the startup of the systems prior to summer operation. The county hired SHA to perform an emergency replacement of the chiller, pump and cooling tower systems in the facility. Total system capacity was 800 tons of cooling.

A temporary air cooled chiller and pumping system was designed to support the courthouse during the chiller, pump and cooling tower replacement project.

Equipment including the chillers and cooling towers were pre-purchased via a public bid process. This allowed the long-lead equipment to be released much earlier than in a standard procurement process.

The actual installation, piping, pumps and controls were bid separately via public bid. The project included:

  • Temporary chiller system design, including temporary electrical power via a diesel fired generator with a large fuel oil tank. Design in an adjacent parking area with interconnecting piping into the building.
  • (2) New 409 ton water cooled chillers.
  • (2) New 400 ton roof top cooling towers, including structural modifications to the existing dunnage to accept the new style cooling tower.
  • Refrigerant monitoring and exhaust systems for code compliance.
  • New piping, insulation, valves and accessories.
  • New heat tracing systems for the cooling tower system.
  • New automated control valves.
  • New DDC controls for the chillers, pumps and cooling tower system.
  • New electrical starters, disconnects and feeders for the system.